It was an incredible party. Once in a lifetime they said. The food? Delectable. The decorations? Never before seen. And the astounding thing? Everyone was there. After everyone had gone home though, a rumour started to surface . Some of the attendees had received a gift from the party. A great gift. There were rumours […]

I thought today PV had some really helpful things to say to us as a church in our EGGNOGing. I don’t know if you know, but he actually preached 3 different messages (!) so these are my reflections from the 11.00, but I’d love to have others share what you found helpful in that or […]

Continuing my occasional theme of ‘things I think about in the garden…‘, today we pruned. Actually, let me be honest. I don’t prune – I hack away vigorously and hope no-one who knows what they’re doing is looking. Every now and then someone comes to me with an idea for evangelism. On occasion I might […]

After coming in from mowing the lawn (and of course announcing that I’d done so!), Clarissa said to me: “Well done Dad” I felt a lot better. It cheered me. That set me thinking…And so now I want to tell all of you that I know of about what a great job you’re doing in […]

Have you ever found yourself saying these words? Perhaps as you read the book of Acts, or read a testimony of an inspiring Christian. Maybe you even find yourself listening to a ‘modern day’ testimony and wonder if that really happened. This month let’s look together at how God still can and does work ‘like […]

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if you’ve ever been somewhere you felt uncomfortable. Why were you uncomfortable? Perhaps you couldn’t exactly understand what was going on – or even that what was happening (or some part of it) was not something you agreed with. Maybe it didn’t match with what you thought it would be like […]

These 2 words might not seem to go together at first glance (especially when speaking about being deliberate in Getting God’s News Out) – but at last week’s EGGNOG Action Group we coined this phrase as something we’d love to encourage.  Here’s what we meant. Ever had a conversation with a friend and later thought […]

I’m having a wondering and would love to hear your thoughts on it. A few months ago a work colleage, upon hearing something good that had happened to me, said ‘we can sure thank the universe for that’. I wasn’t sure what the universe might have done to be thanked, but did say that I […]

Hi everyone, Sean here – Mr EGGNOG (aka leader for evangelism at Clovie). I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking and praying through what my best fit for this year is and wanted to let you know what I came up with. It’s what I’m calling my ‘Three M’s’. I seem to have this thing […]

Before we get started, here’s a quote I loved: “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:17) Is anything too hard for the Lord? Well probably just our unbelief. Here’s some stories of people who did believe and put that belief into action around the […]